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Healthy bodies begin from the inside out. The Temple’s holistic approach to nutrition goes beyond food and calories, using your lifestyle, history, and personal goals to bring your whole system back into balance.

Your nutrition is at the core of EVERYTHING about your life: how you feel, how you sleep, your energy level, how well you will survive an illness, how you age, and how well you will be able to do the things you love. Through The Temple’s customized nutrition programs, you will learn SO much about yourself and be able to understand cravings, how to make sustainable changes, set goals, and receive support and education you can use to change your life and your family’s life.

Our programs are based on pre and post measurable results:

  • body composition
  • metabolic type
  • metabolic rate
  • blood type
  • Ph levels
  • personalized health histories
  • goal setting

No two programs are alike. Our approach is holistic. It’s not about food only or calories. We look at your lifestyle, your health/family history, your personal goals and how to bring your whole system back into balance.

What Makes Us Different
All recommendations are based on real foods, no two diets are alike, and we emphasize education over dependence on products. We incorporate the whole person and coach for support, success and personalized success.

What’s In It for You:
By incorporating a nutrition makeover into your fitness routine, we offer you a chance to fundamentally change your body ecology and set yourself up for a lifetime of health. Your nutrition can prevent you from having to take medications and risk side-effects and getting illnesses that are completely within your control.

Areas of Nutrition specialization include:

  • Celiac/Gluten Intolerance/IBS
  • High cholesterol and reversing heart disease
  • Auto-immune, Chronic Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Healing Thyroid Issues
  • Detox Diets (weight gain, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and sleep issues)
  • Sports Performance
  • Anti-inflammatory/Anti–Aging Nutrition
  • Anti-Cancer Nutrition.

Get the support you’ve always needed from a Certified Holistic Health Coach
and a like-minded community!
Whether you want to focus on fitness or performance and healthy eating, weight management, detox, boosting your energy, or simply better eating habits, you can discuss your goals and find the guidance and motivation to accomplish them with our Certified Holistic Health Coach, Hope Troy.


We specialize in helping clients with toxicity, auto-immune disease, high cholesterol, healing thyroid and adrenal issues, digestive issues and anti-inflammatory diets.

Prenatal Care
Cooking Classes
Kids Programs

More to come.
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Melly Barrientos

"Amazing workshop! I've taken many workshops during my massage therapy career and this one jumped all the way to the top of my list! Paul Kelly is an amazing instructor! I can't wait for my next one!"

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Kristie Johnson Williams

"I don't even know where to start. I have taken over 800 hours of continuing education in a hands-on environment and the seminar with Paul this weekend has by far been the best of my career! This was my first MAT class and I am definitely going to be taking more! What an amazing weekend!"

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Clinton Merrifield

"I have been doing MAT for some time now. I went to the mentorship that Paul offers to LMTs. He helped me so much on putting the pieces together with the techniques I was doing. Excellent trainer and person to study under. For any therapist wanting to better their practice and understand patterns of pain, I highly recommend this mentorship. I will be telling all my therapist friends and returning for more very soon.Thank you Paul and your great team."

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Lidia Penalver

"I was at the workshop in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and had a wonderful time. I have used just about everything I learnt right after and my clients are happy with the accuracy and improvements. Thank you"