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PhysioKinetix is a neuroscience based, movement therapy that relies on a progressive and restorative approach to remove dysfunction from our bodies, while functionally repairing neurologically inhibited movement patterns created from improper training, trauma, incorrect adaptations, and poor posture.


Under the leadership of Paul Kelly, Physiokinetix Training professionals specialize in Movement Therapy, which helps increase flexibility, improve posture, decrease pain throughout the body, and build strength. We offer a strategic and creative approach for techniques that improve the body by combining aspects from the industry and beyond. We succeed by bringing this strategy and creativeness to more than just the techniques but also in how we interact with clients and clinicians and by offering them useful resources to ensure that they can increase and extend their outcomes better than ever.


We will deliver the best pain management training, products, continued education, and certifications that our industry has to offer our driven, passionate, and successful clients/clinicians. Join our community to stay up to date with all of our projects and find out what it feels like to live pain free again. Visit our shop to learn what system is right for you and find out how to “Move For Life”, with us.