PhysioKinetix is our clinically proven training system, created to progressively remove

dysfunction from our bodies, while functionally restoring neurologically

inhibited movement patterns created from improper training, trauma, incorrect adaptations,

and poor posture.


Learn how to develop mobility/stability/power/performance with us in all 3 planes

of motion and begin to correct the sedentary, prone,

compensatory positions many of us find ourselves in each day

due to our high demand jobs or lifestyle


We will deliver the best pain management training, continued education, and

instructor certification that our industry has to offer to our driven, passionate

and successful clients/clinicians,  in our industry and beyond. 



Join our community of “Movers” and find out what it feels like

to live pain free again in all that

you do. Visit our shop to learn what system is right for you and

find out how to begin “Moving For Life” again with us

Our Mission

Our Promise