An organization founded on Restorative Movement. Join us in our promise to help people get out of pain and move for life!

Why Become Certified With PhysioKinetix?

Become The Go To Specialist

Become the go to therapist or trainer in your area. Understand how to work on a wider variety of clients (Young to Old) (Hobbyist to Athlete) with Pain to Performance Training.

Have A Plan

Having a plan for managing pain effectively for your clients can separate you from the pack. Utilizing our researched, clinical approach to pain management is easy and informative.

Be Able To Explain Pain

Understand how to treat dysfunction and pain more completely in all 3 planes of motion. Understand how improper cross-patterning can lead to dysfunction and be a root cause of pain.

What Extra Value Do I Receive?

Receive CE's Towards Your Continued Education

With each Level you pass, you receive CEs from our affiliate organizations, NCBTMB, BOC, ACSM/NASM, & ACE, towards your continued education requirements.

Be Listed On Our Website As A PKT Certified Practitioner

When you become certified in any level of PKT you receive a premium listing on our website. Allowing people looking for pain or performance training around the country to find you.

Receive Discounts Towards Education In The Field

The farther you progress towards mastery the deeper discounts we award you towards your continued education in the field through Workshops, Events, Mentorships, and Live-Streams.

Premium Access To Upcoming Events
When you become a Certified Practitioner with PKT you receive premium access to our upcoming event schedule. Guaranteeing you a spot at your favorite Continued Education events such as Workshops, Mentorships, and Retreats.
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Help Teach With Paul
Become a teaching assistant to work alongside Paul at a workshop after you have certified in a level by completing its requirements and completing its test.



Independent For Each Level

Attend 1 In-Person Workshop
Attend 1 In-Person Workshop, Live-Stream, or HomeStudy Course
Pass The Certification Test

Complete Step 1 to be able to practice PKT in your place of business under our umbrella as PKT Certified. This allows all clients you come in contact with to understand that you know how to treat pain and dysfunction effectively. You will also be able to start being a Teaching Assistant for Paul for each level that you are certified in.


T.A. w/ Paul In Each Level Before

Become Certified In Each Level
Pass The Master Live Practicum

Complete Step 2 to be able to have a Premium Listing on our website as PKT Master Certified, giving clients around the world who are looking for pain management therapy the ability to find you locally for PhysioKinetix services. You also receive deeper discounts toward all future continued education through us.


Optional, For Those Who Want To Teach

Become PKT Master Certified
Perform a Live Interview w/ Paul

Complete Step 3 to be able to teach intro PKT Workshops around the world. This is the pinnacle of PKT and is a track for professional therapists to become teachers through our umbrella with the NCBTMB. You will receive support from us in the form of supplies, logistics, and attendance gathering.


Note: 1 Course Hour with NCBTMB & AFFA is worth 1 CEs; 1 Course Hour with ACE & NASM is worth .1 CEs