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Self Care Videos

Here you will find an accumulation of videos taught by Paul himself. These videos include clips from his seminars as well as self corrective exercises to improve your daily living. Check out our Youtube Channel at the button below.

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What is your gait?

When it comes to assessing a client when they come into your office, observation and gait is a great place to start. Many of a persons locomotor dysfunctions can be observed in a person’s gait. Some causes of changes in a person’s gait could be one of the following:

- Client could have pathology or injury to a joint.
- They may occur as compensations from injury or pathology in other joints ipsilaterally (same side) or contralaterally (opposite side).

There are numerous types of gait such as antalgic, arthrogenic, ataxic, and many more. You’ll see in this video below the different types of gait, one type that is common in stroke victims is a hemiplegic gait. Hemiplegic gait is when one hemisphere of the motor cortex is affected. Research shows that it is very hard to change a persons gait, however for therapist its the best place to start when trying to consider your treatment protocol. This gives us an idea of what orthopedic and neurologic components that may need to be treated with table mobilization, isometrics, or neuromuscular reeducation using PKT resistance bands. The bands are one of the best ways to create locomotor learning by increasing awareness and ingraining new motor sensory patterns.

What are some things you guys are looking for when doing your initial observation and gait assessments? In our PKT system we take a systematic approach, starting at the feet and moving up ensuring we’ve covered all sides, planes of motion and observation testing for signs of orthopedic or neurologic compensations.

Take some time this weekend to observe someones walking and see if how their gait looks. Let us know what you observe!

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Have you been diagnosed with R Thoracic & L Lumbar scoliosis?

This can cause weakness of the L glute and hamstring, tightness or pain in the R groin, and R shoulder blade.

Try this PKT Physioball correctional exercise:

🔵Place one leg on the ball.
🟣Place the other leg up in the air
🟠The leg that is up in the air, place that same side elbow to the ground for stabilization.
🟢The other arm place up in the air.
🟡Push the body up and the leg on the ball out.

Here at Temple Human Performance we offer virtual training for both clients looking to fix conditions like this and for business professionals to further their education & learn the techniques like this to help out their clients.

Call us at 865.288.4411 for more information!

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NEXT WEEK.. Our IV Clinic will be here!
Next Thursday July 30th, we will have our IV Clinic at The Temple Human Performance from 11-4pm.

You can get a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, like Glutathione. It is the mother of all antioxidants! It is involved in many processes in our body, it is made from the three amino acids cysteine, glycine, & glutamine. When you get it from the IV Clinic it helps protect cells from free radicals, UV damage, toxins inhaled or around us going in transdermally. It helps with immune functions & RBC production! The absorption rate for the IV is 95-99% versus 30-50% orally.

Come check it out and call us at 865.288.4412 to make an appointment!

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