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Welcome to our course, Movement Science and Neuromuscular Re-Education (Level 1- Mobility). This is a 4 part series which will teach Manual Therapists, Trainers, Movement Therapist and all other Health Care Professionals, how to assess and correct motor dysfunction patterns that often lead to orthopedic injuries, mobility issues (neurologic weakness issues), and chronic pain. The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding and knowledge of improper neurological movement and how to properly assess it origins by looking at reflexive relationships in and out of gravity.  Also, to provide professionals with clinically proven plan to integrate these techniques and graded exposure movements in their practice. Research has proven that without something to motivate us, give us proper inputs, or without providing a plan for success, its harder to achieve our goals. Which is why we built this fun, energetic, progressive brain and body approach.

Level 1- Mobility specifically targets chronic and acute pain sufferers, everyday hobbyists, and people with neurologic pattern disorders, to  help (treat and train) the sensory, motor, and vestibular systems, as well as restore proper ability to the musculoskeletal system through graded exposure techniques. This program will also provide a pain management strategy, taking the fear out of fitness and movement for life, while providing self-efficacy to your client. 

Level 1- Mobility Training starts with 8 corrective techniques combined with clinical assessments, used in conjunction with a graded exposure movement to aid in motor learning. We then add a neurologic modification to each exercise to (increase motor learning, response, and increase endurance to the neuromuscular system), the combined effect when utilizing both Manual Therapy with Movement Science, creates a learned, and long lasting, pain management strategy.

Jeffrey Maitland “Remember to think in wrong terms, is to act in wrong terms”