PhysioKinetix Functional Restorative Training System. Created To Progressively Improve Skeletal Alignment & Neurologic Communication Between The Brain And Body For Life

Why Use PhysioKinetix Training?

Move With A Purpose

The purpose of this training system is to correct neurological dysfunctions that contribute to poor movement and pain in people's everyday lives. Giving people a plan to deal with common yet serious neurologic and skeletal issues (Parkinson's, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Dowagers Hump) to name a few.

Training Should Be Fun

Exercise should be fun and painless. This functionally restorative program will show you how to take your body from pain to performance with a progressively informative approach. Pain does not need to be an everyday occurrence, help take back control over your body and end the cycle of chronic pain the PKT way!

Better Understand Pain

PKT can teach you how to better diagnose your own pain from the comfort of your home. Each level of PhysioKinetix teaches you more about your body and proper cross-patterning is essential to keeping your body out of pain. Use our specific corrective exercises to cure all different types of (Head, Neck, Back, Leg) pain.

What Do I Learn In Each Level?

Level 1- Mobility Training

In our first level of PhysioKinetix you will work on a progressive, restorative, and functional approach to correcting your weak strain patterns that affect the human body and cause serious dysfunction or pain.

Level 2- Stability Training

Level 2 Total Pain Management Training has been created for any age or skill level (young or old) (hobbyist to professional athlete) to learn properly how to workout in a progressive and sustainable way, preventing serious injuries and early joint degeneration from occurring.

Level 3- Power Training

Level 3 Total Endurance Training is all about strengthening our entire neuromuscular system, while keeping ourselves injury and pain free in the process. We accomplish this by utilizing proper cross-patterning in all 3 planes of motion.

Level 4- Performance Training

Often times highly active individuals will have the tendency to have repetitive daily motions. Our PKT Complete 4 Level Training System understands that and uses that knowledge to un-train and correct neurologically counterintuitive cross-patterns that many of us develop during years of improper labor or training.
Truly a system for all.

Slow Down Degeneration
Utilizing PhysioKinetix Progressive Training System Can Help Slow Down The Degnerative Effects Of Aging, As Well As Help Joint Mobility
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Correct Neurologic Dysfunction
Spend Time In Each Level Of PhysioKinetix And Begin To Physiologically Change How Your Brain And Body Communicate. Allowing You To Stay Pain Free Longer
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Move For Life
Research Shows That People Who Move Daily Are In Better Shape And Health Then Those Who Dont. Learn Our Program And Join Us In Our Mission To Help People "Move For Life"