The Best Pain To Performance, Restorative Training System On The Market. Created To Train All Levels Of Fitness Properly And Remove The Fear Of Pain From Movement For Life

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No matter what your goal is, PhysioKinetix was created to help you move for life. From young to old, hobbyists to competitive athletes, this new brain and body based approach enables you to teach yourself from anywhere in the world how to treat common yet painful ailments we all face each day due to improper training and practice. Take back control over your health and begin to move for life with PhysioKinetix NEW Restorative Functional approach to Human Performance. Check Out Our Video Below For More Information About Our Revolutionary New Training System!

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Why PhysioKinetix Training System?

Brain & Body Based

PhysioKinetix is a brain and body based training progression created to help individuals who face chronic pain from their daily activities. This is one of the only systems that meet any individual at any stage of performance and help restore proper neuro-physiologic function

Helps Treat Dysfunctions

Due to the functional and progressive nature of PKT. The techniques in this program will help alleviate and correct many common neurologic and orthopedic dysfunctions such as: (Vestibular Dysfunctions, Neck/Shoulder/Thoracic/Low Back Pain, CORE Dysfunctions, Sciatica, Scoliosis, and more)

Build Mobility

Creating mobility will increase your desire to move better for life, which is why it is the first level of PhysioKinetix Training. Mobility, can be used as a warm up or a corrective strategy to your daily pain management routine. Level 1 techniques should always be used in conjunction with our proceeding levels in our training system

Sustain Stability

Everyone's brain and body needs Stability to enjoy their everyday activities. Level 2 "Stability Training" will help create global, and intrinsic strength for our entire nervous system and musculoskeletal system. These techniques also help with chronic degenerative conditions, balance and motor coordination, structural alignment, while creating Stability in all 3 planes of motion

Create Power

In level 3 we start to build power and endurance throughout our entire neuromuscular system, while simultaneously strengthening our weak neurologic cross-patterns. Power Training will burn fat, build muscle tone, increase your metabolic rate and work on your overall cardio-respiratory fitness. The Ultimate goal of this level is to become powerful while being pain free

Practice Performance

Level 4 Performance Training is all about refinement and working on your inhibitory reflexes, motor balance, and further refining your neurologically weak cross patterns developed during improper repetitive training. From competitive athlete, professional, or the performance based individual, anyone can benefit from this restorative, functional movement science approach.

Hear From Our Clients!

beaver fleming

"This training has just been a game changer in my life. I feel a lot better, I'm moving a lot more efficiently and because of that I can skate longer and with more confidence."

Beaver Flemming (Professional Skateboarder)

Nate Fay Image

My father suffered two brain injuries within four month of each other. I am using PKT to keep him to basic movements; crawling, dead bug and segmental rolling. He is getting stronger and moving better everyday and most importantly suffering less pain at night!

Nate Fay
(Manual Therapist)

Nov 27, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns punter Britton Colquitt (4) punts the ball to the New York Giants during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium.  The Giants won 27-13. Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

"I have had the chance to see Paul for specialized treatment and training in the off seasons during my NFL career. I can say with certainty that this program has helped me stay on the field and performing at a higher level. Thanks Paul"

Britton Colquitt
(NFL Punter)

Sherry Image

This program will change the way therapy and fitness help with chronic, repetitive, and often dysfunctional problems people create due to poor movement. Looking forward to using this onall my clients in the future!

Sherry Nunez
(Manual Therapist)

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