PhysioKinetix Re-Seller Program

Why Re-Sell PKT Gear?

There are a host Benefits that come along with joining our “PKT Re-Sellers Program” at PhysioKinetix Training. We want our clinicians to believe in our Revolutionary Training System as much as we do. So we have developed a discount tier system to help our clinicians make income as they help people get out of pain.

How Does It Work?

For every PKT Training System you buy from us you will start to receive deeper discounts on each new subsequent order. Allowing you the ability to sell our "Move For Life" Training System in your own practice.

How Can It Help Me?

Professionally give yourself a smart solution to work on pain management and dysfunction with clients on and off the therapy table. Diversify your business solutions and give every client a plan and have a plan to help more people get out of pain, and most importantly earn residual income as you work.

What Value Do I Receive By Using Your Re-Seller

Re-Seller Program
Members in our Re-Seller Program get automatic discounts up to 35% on all current and future PKT Products. Percentage off is based on your PKT Re-Seller Level (Chart Below). The more PKT Products you sell at your local practice, the more we will discount our gear for you to sell at your business. Simple as that!​

Two Ways To Sell


Our PhysioKinetix Re-Seller program gives you two different options to earn residual income for your business practice. The most popular of the two, being Dropshipping. Dropshipping allows you to sell PhysioKinetix Training Systems to your clients and earn commission without doing any of the actual fulfilment or shipping. Just take your clients order through your website, physical location, or social accounts and utilize our paypal buttons created specifically with your business reference # on it to track your commissions. The order will then be forwarded over to our sales team, and we will take care of the order fulfilment and shipping of the product. You will receive 15% sales commission on every Training System you sell, and we will pay you directly at the end of each month. 

Additionally, our Marketing Dept will help aid you in building a fully functional shop page for you business website, utilizing our pkt product line. We will also equip you with all of the necessary marketing materials, assets, and support you need, to begin selling PhysioKinetix products to your clients and earning an additional residual income for your growing business. 



How It Works:

  • -Create the order using your business specific paypal buttons
  • -We will receive the order and fulfil/ship to your client
  • -You receive 15% of each sale you create
  • -We will pay you your commission bonus monthly
  • Advantages:
  • Do not need capital to sell (Clients pay for purchase through paypal button)
  • -Do not need to fulfil orders or ship packages to client
  • -Still earn 15% commission on each sale


  • -Can only sell PKT Training Systems 
  • -Need to bring clients to your digital footprint for sale


Another popular option for Therapists to sell our affiliate products is by purchasing the Inventory themselves and then selling directly to their clients. Holding physical PKT Inventory for your business practice has a couple unique advantages rather then having us dropship directly to your client. Namely, you will a much higher opportunity to earn additional residual income by purchasing inventory yourself. While our dropship commission is capped at 20%, if you purchase physical inventory through us we will give you even deeper discounts per your monthly spend limit. Below, we have created a 6 Tier System, which outlays exactly how much money you need to spend monthly to earn additional deeper discounts. Allowing a Therapist to earn between 10%-35%OFF commission on any sale through a client they initiate. 

We are able to offer deeper discounts to Therapists as we no longer need to fulfil, or ship the order to your client. Allowing us to pass those additional savings into your commission structure. Also, were the dropshipping method only allows you to sell our Training Systems through your (website, socials, physical location), holding physical inventory will allow you to carry a wider variety of PKT Products at your practice such as, Educational Workbooks, Individual Bands, Handle Sets, Online Access to our Corrective Techniques, ect (due to the fact we can only create paypal buttons to sell the Training Systems on your website for dropship and not each pkt product) 


How It Works:

  • -Hold physical PKT Products at your business
  • -Fulfil and ship order to client yourself
  • -Receive deeper discounts to earn higher commission
  • -Easier to sell PKT Gear, have it at your business to show and demo
  • -Earn higher commission on each sale
  • -Earn your commission instantly, instead of monthly
  • -Wider breadth of products to offer (Educational Material, Individual Products)
  • -Can sell to client directly from your practice (no shipping costs)
  • -Need to have capital to purchase Inventory
  • -Need to fulfil orders for clients yourself

Re-Seller Wholesale Program

Tier Discounts
Purchase a certain amount to get into one of these tiers!
  • Tier #1 (10%OFF)- $250/per order
  • Tier #2 (15%OFF)- $500/per order
  • Tier #3 (20% OFF)-$1000/per order
  • Tier #4 (25% OFF)- $2000/per order
  • Tier #5 (30% OFF)- $3000/per order
  • Tier #6 (35% OFF)- $4000/per order