Levels 1-3 ‘Endurance’ Training System (Mobility/Stability/Power)



Endurance Is Everything- Our Total Endurance Training System is a culmination of the first 3 Levels in our PhysioKinetix line (Mobility/Stability/Power), created for healthy, active, mobile individuals to further refine your fitness needs. Endurance Training users are just as serious about performance as they are about keeping themselves injury free. That is why we’ve included the first 2 levels in our PKT Training System with our third level, “Power” Training. To provide mobile/stable individuals with an opportunity to add power to their frame progressively, while still providing a roadmap to recovery and pain free living. The ultimate goal of Total Endurance Training is to strengthen our entire neuromuscular systems, while keeping ourselves injury and pain free in the process.  We accomplish this by utilizing proper cross-patterning in all 3 planes of motion, providing cardiorespiratory fitness, increasing our metabolic response, and restoring reflexive/balance relationships inside of our body. Level 3 Training is the perfect package for fitness aficionados, and a great way to continue to correctly “Move For Life” with us The PKT Way!

Pick up our PhysioKinetix Total Endurance Training System today and begin to “Move For Life” with us the way your body originally intended!

-Paul Kelly

Included In Level 3 Total Endurance Training: Mobility/Stability/Power Video Series Streaming,(3) Movement Science Manuals,Movement Therapy Calendar,PKT Proprioceptive Balance Pad, PKT Yoga Mat, PKT Door Anchor, PKT Performance Handles (Use With Resistance Bands), PKT Stretch Strap/Tree Anchor, XLite Knee Band 3-6lbs, Lite Knee Band 10-12lbs, Medium Knee Band 15-20lbs,( 2) XLite Loop Bands 5-15lbs, (2) Lite Loop Bands 10-30lbs, Medium Loop Band 25-55lbs, (1) PKT Wall Anchor

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Who Is PhysioKinetix Total Endurance Training System For?

Endurance Is The Name Of The Game- PhysioKinetix Total Endurance Training System has been created for healthy individuals looking for the next step up in their personal fitness journeys. Total Endurance Training is the next natural progression to our mobility/stability training courses taught prior in our Total Pain Management Training Package, and is the next step up for people who want performance and pain management bundled into the same training system. Total Endurance Training adds Level 3 “Power” training on top of your “Mobility” and “Stability” routines, to give the user a well balanced pain to performance workout. Level 3 training is all about un-training weak strain patterns developed through poor repetition, continuing to build global stabilizer muscles, increasing your cardio-respiratory fitness, as well as your metabolic rate. Now that you have mastered the movement patterns and techniques in levels 1 and 2, it is time to add speed and power to your frame.

PKT Total Endurance Training comes with everything you need to take your new found “Mobility/Stability” and create a “Power Model”. Endurance Training is perfect for active and fit individuals, healthy hobbyists, personal trainers, and any type of individual looking for a new approach to a pain-free workout and lifestyle. Endurance Training can be used as a preventative, self-care approach to pain management for common everyday living (jobs, kids, chores), as well as for more strenuous activities such as (running, biking, hiking, swimming, ect) to prevent chronic injuries or dysfunctions associated with doing these activities repetitively. This system can also be used as an everyday workout to get into the best shape of your life and stay there. Whatever your fitness requirements may be, PhysioKinetix Total Endurance Training Package has been designed for you.

Why Is PhysioKinetix Total Endurance Training Effective?

The PKT Total Endurance Training Package- Often times highly active individuals will have the tendency to have repetitive daily motions. Whether you bike or swim a couple times a week, like to hike your favorite trail, or go play 18 holes once a day, PKT Endurance Training understands this, and uses that knowledge to un-train and often correct many of the neurologically counterintuitive cross-patterns that most of us develop during years of improperly performing these activities. The ultimate goal of Endurance Training is to take your newly well trained body, and utilize the knowledge and movement patterns you learned in the 2 levels prior to shape your mind and body into becoming fundamentally stronger in all 3 planes of motion. Level 3 movement patterns are naturally more advanced than its prior levels, and use clinically tested techniques and movements in its progressions to bring positive changes to both your brain and your body to remove fear from movement for life.

PhysioKinetix Training Systems have been created to be easily transported and accessed anywhere in the world, at any time. Learn how to effortlessly perform these progressive movements on a weekly basis, continue to enjoy your regular everyday hobbies at a higher level, become pain-free daily in everything that you do everyday, and most importantly continue “Moving For Life” the PKT way! Purchase your Total Endurance Training Package today!

“Exercise should be fun and painless. This functionally restorative program will show you how to take your body from pain to performance with a progressively informative approach. Pain is no longer accepted as common place, help take back control of your body and end the cycle of chronic pain and poor performance the PKT way!” 

-Paul Kelly

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2 reviews for Levels 1-3 ‘Endurance’ Training System (Mobility/Stability/Power)

  1. Jenny Pope

    Paul came through over the Phone!! We live in Deep, Very rural, Eastern Oregon. My Dads back went out to the point he needed a walker and he could not straighten up. Now mind you, I’m no slouch when it comes to bodywork (20 years an LMT) but this was more than I could get cleared on my own. Thankfully, Paul was able to talk me through some techniques that have Greatly relieved the hitch in Dads get along. He’s using the walker less and less and standing up and walking more normally. Note: Paul taught a class I took several years ago. He knows his stuff! I am super grateful for his willingness to share his knowledge and his heart for helping people regain their health.<3

    Update: I have been walking Dad through some of the exercises the last couple days. We go until hes tired, so we havent made it through them all yet. WHAT A DIFFERENCE just a couple of days makes doing these exercises!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

  2. Holly Green AP, C.SMA

    Love this system! I have been using and implementing Level 1 and 2 in my practice and just started learning Level 3. WOW is all I can say. Level 1 really does give you more ease of movement and Level 2 really does make you feel more stable. Level 3 is intense but so unlike anything I have seen and looking forward to learning all the levels as well as implementing them more in my sports acupuncture practice. I have already had some patients that have found great benefit from some of the exercises I have given them and look forward to integrating it into my practice more and more as time goes on. Thanks Paul for such an innovative and remarkable training system that really does help increase the mind body connection and bring more mobility, stability, and pain relief.

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Pain to Performance System

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Additional Information

PhysioKinetix Functional Training System- PhysioKinetix Training (PKT for short) is a series of specific, functional, corrective exercises designed to complement and enhance the natural way your body moves throughout the day. By combining functional and progressive movement training with clinically tested techniques we have created a system that will better align, balance, and neurologically re-train your musculoskeletal system developed for you to live a pain-free, higher functioning life.

From young to old, hobbyists to competitive athletes, this new brain and body based approach enables you to teach yourself from anywhere in the world how to treat common painful afflictions we face each day due to the improper training and the repetitive motions we encounter from our jobs or lifestyles. 

Additionally, this system will lead you through the proper functional progressions what will enable you to restore many common, yet serious, dysfunctions many humans deal with on a regular basis due to poor biomechanics, such as: (degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, sciatica, dowagers hump, chronic sports injuries, sensory motor amnesia, and many others). Pick up our  Mobility Training System (Level 1), Total Pain Management Training System (Level 1-2)Total Endurance Training System (Level 1-3), or our entire The Complete “Move For Life” Training System (Levels 1-4) collection today and begin your journey towards a pain free, happier, healthier lifestyle. We are “Movement For Life”!

PhysioKinetix Training System- Is made for anyone who is serious about pain free living and a better all-encompassing approach to to their overall fitness needs. Whether you are a clinician using this system as a way to help clients and differentiate your practice. Your an individual who wants the freedom to enjoy their hobbies and activities pain free. Or maybe your a serious competitive athlete trying to learn how to keep your body injury free due to the rigors of your sport or profession. PKT was designed for YOU. 

Our ultimate goal in each level, is to work on a restorative, progressive, and functional approach to your overall functional movement in all 3 planes of motion. We will start with the fundamentals of primal movements, working on the floor, out of gravity, and eventually into a standing model. The primary goal of PKT Training is to reintroduce the proper cross-patterning and basic movements each human needs to live a pain-free, high functioning life (young to old) (hobbyist to athlete). That is why Mobility is designed as the first level in our system, without Mobility we can not create stability, power, or performance, therefore it needs to be our baseline to start. 

We will then start to move off of the floor and back into gravity. In this level we will also utilize resistance band training to begin strengthening the core muscles, and global stabilizer muscles that are most responsible for balance. Stability Training will work on fixing chronic dysfunctions and pain associated with degeneration in the body and fixing weak strain patterns that are responsible for prohibiting human performance. 

Level 3 Power Training is all about building a stronger brain/body connection. We will continue to work on creating power and endurance for your entire neuromuscular, as well as musculoskeletal system, increasing your cardio-respiratory health, and changing the neuro pathways that prohibit you from a high functioning/pain free life. Power Training is also a great level to reverse aging effects, slow down joint degeneration, as well as drive up tissue and hormone growth rates. Additionally, Power Training is the perfect level for hobbyists and weekend warriors to utilize as a preventative measure towards injuries caused by repetition of daily fitness routines. Use it to warm up your day prior to competition, or as a way to alleviate pain caused from consistent exercise in similar activities such as: (Swimming, Biking, Hiking, ect).

Our last level in PKT, Performance Training, is made for clinicians and athletes who need the best of the best. Whether you treat a wide variety of individuals who need specific mobility, stability, power, or performance issues for your clients, or you are a professional athlete that needs to work on strengthening their weak strain patterns in all 3 planes of motion. The Complete Move For Life Training System comes with everything you will ever need to remove pain from your body, untrain poor developed cross-patterns, and ultimately learn everything necessary to keep yourself and others from feeling pain from movement for the rest of your life. Spend time in each level, gain the movements and techniques necessary to put your body back in proper alignment, slow down the bodies physical and mental degeneration, and begin to Move For Life with us the way your body originally intended!  

PKT Training System- Although many of the things we do daily such as: (running, walking, jumping, or getting up/down from the ground) are very basic motions that we do not put much consideration into, most of these movements we are taught at a young age are flawed and often performed incorrectly. As a result, many chronic degenerative conditions begin to form in people at relatively young ages such as: (Forward Head Posture, Dowagers Hump, TMJ, Rotator Cuff Problems, Sciatica, Scoliosis, and many more). PhysioKinetix’s true mission in “Mobility Training” is to dispel the myth that without pain there are no gains; instead, we want to teach you that with the proper, restorative functional training techniques, exercise can both be used as a tool to correct these serious issues many of us face, as well a fun activity for self-betterment and increased confidence!

PKT Restorative Functional Training exercises are made to fit a wide variety of hobbies and sports to correct many neurological counter-intuitive cross patterns developed through incorrect practices while performing these activities. Level 1 Functional “Mobility” Training is going to take your primal body and help turn it into a performance model by giving you the blueprint to proper movement. Learn how to effortlessly perform these progressive fundamental movements on a weekly basis, continue to enjoy your regular everyday hobbies at a higher level, become pain-free daily in everything that you do, and most importantly continue “Moving For Life” with us the PKT way! Purchase your Level 1 “Mobility” Training System today!

PhysioKinetix Training- can be used anywhere in the world. Indoors or Outdoors, At Home or In The Gym, PKT was created to be used where you need it and when you need it. Each level comes with the necessary equipment so that you can use your PKT Training System at (The Park, The Gym, At Home, At Work, At The Lake, In A Hotel, On The Road). Whatever your lifestyle might be , PKT has your fitness needs covered. That is why we are “Movement For Life”!

Why PhysioKinetix Training- is so effective is due to the progressive, restorative, and functional nature of the system. Each level is going to build upon the next, and will strengthen your brain and body connection, as well as your range of motion in all 3 planes of movement. This system will better enable you to perform your normal everyday hobbies or activities, regardless of your starting age or skill level. We will start on the ground in level 1, retraining your most basic primal movements taught during infancy to un-train weak strain patterns developed through improper movements and techniques done daily. The power of this system is that it truly has been created for everyone to use, clients to clinicians, hobbyist to athlete, young to old. Everybody needs to learn how to develop proper biomechanical movement to prevent injury and your bodies natural degeneration. And for the first time, we have brought that power to a training system anybody can use in the comfort of their own home. Join our community, become an instructor, help spread the “Move For Life’ message with us, and help get people back into doing what they love. This is “Movement For Life”

-Clinicians looking for corrective home exercises for clients     -Clinicians looking to differentiate their practice     -Clinicians who use Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy as a modality     -Clinicians looking to step into the lucrative world of pain management     -Clinicians looking for alignment exercises they can do on their therapy table     -Personal trainers looking to find more efficient ways to train clients     -Personal Trainers who focus on biomechanics and quality of movement    -PT’s looking to alleviate their pain in their clients bodies     -Personal Trainers looking for a way to help alleviate pain in clients stemming from fitness   -Physical Therapists who work with dysfunctions    -PT’s looking to find a pain free, non intimidating way to start getting geriatrics to workout again    -Physical Therapists  looking for a performance edge in sports    -PT’s who work with children to prevent injury through proper biomechanics and alignment     -College Trainers who train athletes multiple times a day in repetitive sports     -Professional Athletes who need to look for a competitive edge to stay on the field injury free     -And many more!      

Hear From Our Clients

Nate Fay Image

My father suffered two brain injuries within four month of each other. I am using PKT to keep him to basic movements; crawling, dead bug and segmental rolling. He is getting stronger and moving better everyday and most importantly suffering less pain at night! Thanks PKT and Paul Kelly for this groundbreaking new approach to movement science and the ability to help get people who need it out of pain.

beaver fleming

“PhysioKinetix Mobility Training has just been a game changer in my life. I feel a lot better, I’m moving a lot more efficiently and because of that I can skate longer and with more confidence. Thanks Paul and PhysioKinetix for giving me the ability to skate pain free”

Beaver Fleming


Pro Skateboarder

Sherry Image

This program will change the way massage helps the chronic / repetitive / dysfunctional problems people create in their body. When you lookout for the best interest of your clients, you add value to yourself & get to help others thru self-care. 
This is exactly what PhysioKinetix has given me the ability to do. The best part about the program, is the fact customer can do the corrective exercises in the comfort of their own home.

Sherry Nunez


Manual Therapist

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