Paul Kelly’s professional development sessions offer practitioners the opportunity to take their practices to the next level. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy introduces a natural transition from the massage school relaxation model to the lucrative world of pain management and is a natural complement to continuing education for massage, sports, orthopedic, functional movement & structural integration therapists.

Clients who seek help for chronic back, neck, rotator cuff and sports injuries gladly compensate therapists who can offer pain relief, and upgrading your skills is a simple way to stimulate referrals and boost income. By integrating these deep-tissue, muscle energy and joint stretching techniques, you can elevate your clients to a new level of health today and watch your practice grow.
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Therapists from all over the world come to train with Paul Kelly to incorporate Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) into their massage therapy programs. These intense two-day workshops focus on teaching hands-on techniques that enhance the ability to assess and treat patients.

2019 is a huge year for Paul as he introduces his innovative brain and performance based Physiokinetix training (PKT). He will be teasing these new series of corrective exercises, designed to compliment MAT, early in the year. Later in the year, at a few select workshops, he will be hosting an extra, 1 day event in which he will be teaching level 1 of his 4-level PKT series.

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Each year, Paul trains a small number of professionals through an on-site intensive mentorship program to guide teams through assessment protocols, pathophysiology, and clinical treatment. Paul brings nearly two decades of experience in working with a wide variety of patients, from athletes both in training and with exercise-related injuries to patients with repetitive strain patterns.

Understanding and treating chronic neck, thoracic, low back, and extremity dysfunction is easy when you understand the root cause. Paul will address gait dysfunction and knee, hip, and pelvic dysfunction, as well as treatments for scoliosis, Dowager’s Hump, and head on neck dysfunctions.
Paul will work with you in your practice or clinic so you can answer those difficult questions about your clients. Visits can also be arranged at our Training and Therapy Center in Knoxville, TN. Paul’s mentorships are completely customizable, so you may choose your topics of discussion.
These on site Mentorships are the best way to advance your skills and manual therapy techniques for your practice. Contact us for prices, and to help you figure out the best way to arrange for a mentorship.

About Paul Kelly

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2019 Myoskeletal & PhysioKinetix Workshops

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Houston, TX | March 16-17 | MAT 16 CEs

Kansas City, MO May 4-5 | MAT 16 CEs

*West Palm Beach, FL | July 27-29 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

Asheville, NC September 14-15 | MAT 16 CEs

*San Diego, CA October 26-28 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*Boston, MA November 23-25 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*1 day PKT workshop available

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