Paul Kelly offers a variety of professional development opportunities for practicing clinicians to enhance their knowledge in both Manual Therapy and Movement Science at his nationally recognized events. Providing both in-person Workshops for Continued Education through (NCBTMB, ACE, AFAA, NASM), as well as, virtual training with clinicians through Mentorships.

THP educational summits are guaranteed to empower Therapists, Practitioners, and Movement Specialists all around the world to learn Paul’s clinically tested hands-on techniques, functional assessments. Learning the how&why behind Paul’s NEW brain based neuromuscular retraining model. 

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Patients suffering from chronic pain or movement dysfunction find sustained relief through a variety of Manual Therapy modalities our staff offer at The Temple Human Performance Center. 

We offer alternatives to surgery or pharmaceutical options by treating underlying dysfunctional patterns, and improperly ingrained neurologic issues, which are often the primary problem preventing people from living high quality, functional lives.

Our clinic focuses on finding progressive, restorative, and sustainable solutions for our clients to regain their long-term health utilizing our brain based therapy and a focused client approach on proper posture. 

At THP it is our belief that only receiving therapy sessions, or only exercising, is only half of your health puzzle. 

Which is why we combine our therapy with restorative exercise techniques effectively helping the work done to you last longer. 

This complete “Treatment & Training” approach provides our clients with a roadmap for self-recovery. Eliminating the time you need to spend in those “Fix It” stages of movement we all find ourselves in. 

It’s proven that regular exercise helps prevent injury, sickness, anxiety and depression. Start training with our Certified Personal Trainers today and begin to “Move For Life” with us. 

Healthy bodies begin from the inside out. THP offers individual Virtual Health Coaching to anyone in the world. Helping clients meet their personalized goals through a holistic approach to self-care. 

We evaluate your exercise and nutrition habits and develop a plan to achieve a variety of desired results such as weight loss, toxin elimination, and overall balanced lifestyles. 

Our health coaches help clients discover their larger reasons for change: to circumvent disease, to have more energy, to reduce the effects of stress, to enjoy leisure activities, or perhaps to overcome a physical setback or condition.

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Therapists from all over the world train with Paul at his nationally accredited workshops to focus on learning hands-on Manual Therapy skills combined with Movement Science techniques into one all encompassing modality. Correcting issues that stem from neurologic dysfunction (Functional Scoliosis, Sciatica, Dowager Hump, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, ect) to trapped nerves, and neurologic gating. Learn how to combine Manual Therapy with Movement Science, become the go to therapist in your area, and enter into the lucrative world of Pain Management Therapy, the THP way! Sign up today while seats still last!


Paul Kelly | BS, CPT, LMT, MMAT, MPKT brings over 25 years of experience working with a large variety of different clients. THP Certified Personal Trainers consider each individuals specific needs prior to your training session. We also look at your overall health, your movement patterns, and your individual ability when developing a specialized training program for you. Additionally, our personal trainers will give you easy to follow, actionable plans for when you get home. Giving you the ability to get real results, real fast. If you are having issues with (weight loss, arthritis, joint degeneration, or general performance!


Our staff love to create enjoyable, energetic, and exciting group training classes. Big enough to have fun, but small enough to retain quality. THP group training classes are a great, affordable way to get your strength and mobility training with certified professionals without breaking the bank. THP group-training environment offers camaraderie, friendship, and social support to help people become active and stay moving. Let us teach you the competent way to functionally train in 2020 and beyond. Join us in our mission to help everyone find a plan to stay in shape, and out of pain for life, with THP Group Training Classes!


THP caters to a variety of clients including those suffering from chronic pain, young athletes, and individuals seeking to maintain or improve overall healthTHP trainers routinely work with professional athletes, including Olympic gymnasts and NFL, MLB, and PGA players. We can customize a strengthening program to fit you and your lifestyle.


THP offers individual health coaching to help you develop a long-term detoxification and cleansing program for a longer, healthier life. Healthy weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all program, which is why our certified nutrition professionals can help you build a plan that you can sustain. During your session, we will evaluate your exercise and nutrition habits to develop a personal plan for you to achieve. 


For integration therapist, personal trainers, chiropractors, manual therapist and all bodyworkers interested in growing their practice. We offer customized consulting services and intensive mentorship programs. Follow our sound business strategy and take the next step into learning how to integrate our "Treatment & Training" model into your practice today.

PhysioKinetix is the Movement Science & Neuromuscular Re-Education program that we utilize in every part of our organization to help get people out of pain, and moving better for life. Offering products, trainings, and education all based off this new method. 

Each year Paul invites the best Therapists, Practitioners, and Clinicians in the industry to visit his Continued Education Workshops all over the United States to learn about the most current science and new research in Manual Therapy and Movement Science community. Therapists get trained in the Treatment & Training method has been created utilizing Paul’s PhysioKinetix program. 

At our Human Performance Center we practice 1on1 Training, as well as Group Training Classes. Each session we run practices the fundamentals of movement as well as focus on (mobility/stability/power/performance). The 4 pillars of PhysioKinetix Training. 

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Note: 1 Course Hour with NCBTMB & AFFA is worth 1 CEs; 1 Course Hour with ACE & NASM is worth .1 CEs