The Temple Human Performance is Knoxville’s premier center for human performance and anti-aging through a client-focused approach emphasizing personalized, attentive care. Under the direction of Paul Kelly, THP specializes in advanced manual therapy modalities and PhysioKinetix Training Techniques, which helps increase flexibility, improve posture, and decreases pain throughout the body. We offer a holistic approach to improving the body, whether for relief of chronic and debilitating pain, rehabilitating sports and physical injuries, or improving athletic performance.


The Temple Human Performance is a group of credentialed professionals committed to research, education, teaching and improving the lives of both our professional and personal clients. We are dedicated to research, new technology, and interaction with our clients, helping others to lead better and more productive lives.

We are very passionate about our work and are committed to bringing research-based performance information, new techniques, and the best nutrition science to our clients. Our staff is constantly learning, training and refining our skills. Some of our clients have worked with us since we opened our doors in 1995.

2022 PhysioKinetix Workshops

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