PERSONAL VISION   Paul Kelly is an Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist and an NCBTMB Certified Senior Instructor for the Freedom of Pain Institute. Paul has been mentoring and teaching for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of knowledge from sports medicine and exercise science to his upbeat, dynamic, hands-on presentations. His passion is to help educate his clients and health care professionals so they might tap into a greater understanding of the reflexogenic relationship between muscles and joints. He continues to stay on top of the latest research and developments in all area’s related to structural therapies, nutrition, pain management, and human performance related issues.


Continuing Education
Paul trains myoskeletal therapists, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers (ATCs), personal trainers, body workers, licensed massage therapists, and other healthcare providers around the nation to learn the techniques of Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT)
Paul takes pride in working with some of the most difficult pathological disorders and diseases including structural and functional scoliosis, Parkinson’s patients, cancer patients, nerve pathologies, degenerative disc disease, internal visceral health, and many other conditions.


BACKGROUND   Paul graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and later worked with rehabilitation and sports injury at the University Athletic Training facilities in the Strength and Conditioning program for five years. He was a scholarship athlete in the varsity cheerleading program and competed on the UCA Nationals team. Paul later put his knowledge of nutrition, exercise science and athletic training to the test, competing in the Knoxville Bodybuilding Classic and eventually placing first in the open heavyweight class of Tennessee State Bodybuilding Championships.

Paul continued his studies in human performance and orthopedic pain management, receiving his LMT from the C.O.R.E. Institute for Structural Integration. In 1999, Paul met Erik Dalton, founder of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques®, and was fascinated by Erik’s’ passion for understanding the human condition and how to restore its proper musculoskeletal balance. Paul began mentoring with Erik and soon was teaching with him across the nation. Paul currently is traveling internationally teaching Myoskeletal Alignment seminars with Erik and independently.

Paul’s passion for knowledge in human performance related issues has propelled him forward giving him the opportunity to work with Olympic Gymnasts, National Football League Players, Professional Golfers Association, Marathon runners, and National Competitive Bodybuilders.

Freedom From Pain Institute® is approved by NCMTMB # 157429, Florida Board of Health (50-790), AMTA, ABMP


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2019 Myoskeletal & PhysioKinetix Workshops

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Houston, TX | March 16-17 | MAT 16 CEs

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*West Palm Beach, FL | July 27-29 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

Asheville, NC September 14-15 | MAT 16 CEs

*San Diego, CA October 26-28 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*Boston, MA November 23-25 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*1 day PKT workshop available

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Thank You Temple Human Performance!

Good morning Temple! Hope just had the chance to see my daughter Jessie on Monday and I just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing job with her! When she came home from work yesterday, I ask her how she was feeling and she said “weird" , Weird that I have had an entire day, pain free! .. with my hips not popping and back not aching! Kudos Temple Human Performance for helping my daughter get back to feeling good again!

Just wanted to say thank you! 😊

Kristi Moore

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