Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to review anything before attending the workshop?

Anatomy and Assessment is highly suggested to understand many of the concepts and techniques.

Do I have to pay the full amount when I sign-up?

No. You can pay half at sign-up as long as we receive the remaining amount 10 days prior to the seminar. If you want to pay the remaining balance in cash, you can do so at the door.

Do I need to bring anything?

Physiokinetix Levels 1 – 4: pen/pencil, paper, yoga mat, towel, athletic/comfortable clothing, applicable resistance bands, and a proprioceptive pad (if able). (Some bands and pads may be available during class for use.)

Physiokinetix Manual therapy: pen/pencil, paper, therapy table, sheets, lotion, comfortable clothing, and a towel. (Some resistance bands may be applicable, but some will be provided for use during class.)

Do we get refunded for an uncontrollable circumstance?

Refer to the policy for the specific class.

Am I required to stay at the hotel where the seminar is being hosted?

No, you are welcome to stay anywhere. We reserve a room block to save money and make traveling easier for those who come from far away.

How many CE credits do workshops grant me?

8 CEs per each day of Physiokinetix attended (NCBTMB)

Do I have to report my CEs?

Note: Many states do not require proof of CEs unless individually audited. Keep up with your local board requirements for your continued education and license renewal.

If you are in a state requiring submittal of CEs directly to the board, you must self-report them through whichever means your local board requires. (Use the certificate provided upon completion of our course for all information needed to submit)

If you have questions about self-reporting, please contact your local board as many boards are different.

How many people usually attend?

Our numbers can range from 30-70.

Do my buddy and I have to pay together to receive the $40 discount for a workshop?

No. You can call our office and register separately.

Do I have to be an LMT in order to attend a workshop?

No. Paul’s workshops are for anyone with a desire to learn the science behind manual therapy and movement therapy (corrective exercise techniques)

What time does the workshop begin and end?

PKT workshops have sign-in each day at 8:30am and start at 9am. They generally go until 5 or 6pm.