The Temple Human Performance offers a variety of strength and mobility training programs that create a proactive approach to maintaining optimal long-term health and physical performance. Our services cater to a variety of clients, including rehabilitated chronic pain sufferers, healthy individuals seeking to maintain or improve overall health, and youth and professional athletes. THP’s training sessions are available in group or one-on-one settings, and we will work with you to customize a plan that best meets your fitness goals.

Performance training

 personal-training-example-correct-movement-thpOur personal training sessions are truly personal.  The entire training area is reserved just for you.  Our trainers focus on your long-term joint stability, core strength, and mobility and movement patterns to get you stronger, leaner and faster without compromising the natural structures of your body.  Regular exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy balance in lift and has been shown to help prevent injury, sickness, anxiety and depression.  Your first session with any one of our certified trainers is FREE.

Professional athletic and rehabilitative strengthening

personal-training-handson-thpThe Temple Human Performance provides athletic and rehabilitative training that focuses on creating strength without causing injury. We offer core strength building, TRX training and sports-specific performance and rehabilitation.

Classes and group training

personal-training-movement-thpProgressive Training is a new fast-paced, small-group training program for people looking to take their fitness to a new level in a supportive team atmosphere.  The combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and body weight exercises will burn fat and create lean muscle mass.  This mix will get you rapid improvements in your muscle tone, strength, and coordination.

                       Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 am (1 hour)

Pain To Performance Putting the BOOM back in Baby Boomer!! A small group class with an emphasis on Fitness, Fall Prevention, and FUNction. Our coaches will correct dysfunctional pain patterns and show you strength exercises designed to eliminate your pain, improve your performance, and maintain an active lifestyle!

Monday at 6:15 am (45 min)

Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 am (45 min)

Kettlebell Core-dio Do you deal with chronic hip or back pain because of a weak core? Are you looking for a new way to strengthen and tone your core effectively? This class is for you! Come learn corrective and dynamic functional kettlebell movements from our coaches! This class will teach the basics and progression of kettlebell movements, all while increasing core strength and building cardiovascular endurance! Anybody of any ability level is welcome!

Wednesday at 8:00 am (1 hour)

Saturday at 9:00 am (1 hour)

Born to Run Are you a runner dealing with frustrating injuries or stagnant performances? Do you have injuries involving your hips, knees, or feet? Shortness of breath while running? This class is what you need to finally overcome injuries and break through to the next level. Born to Run will consist of a 25-30 minute running-specific workout at your own pace, followed by a 25-30 minute bout of running-specific mobility and strength exercises!

Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 (1 hour)

Saturday at 10:00 (1 hour)

 Myofascial Rolling Class Get on the ball! This class emphasized injury prevention utilizing various sized air filled balls. Participants work specific muscles and connective tissue in a multidirectional approach. A focused sequence of movements that help release muscle tension, improve circulation, and restore range of motion!

                    Saturday 11:00 (30 min)

Foot Foundations Class Bring new life to your aching feet! The foot is the support structure for the entire body. Without full usage of the foot during movement, it is easy to transfer weight in an unbalanced way to other parts of the body resulting in pain and injury. Learn self-care techniques that will improve flexibility, strength, and prevent injuries!

                    Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 (30 min)

Body Composition and Human Performance Measures

Body Fat and Measuring: A seven site BF is taken to give us a baseline standard to create an exercise and nutritionally based protocol.

Resting Metabolic Rate: once established we want to create a program that is we can help guide you in the direction for success.

Reassessment: Many practitioners begin treatment or therapy, never re-evaluate. We provide monthly re-evaluations to look for measurable progress.

Student/Youth athletes strengthening

Young athletes’ bodies are in constant states of change, balancing developmental growth with the specific physiological demands of their sport.  The Temple Human Performance offers training programs specifically designed to assist athletes from ages 9 through high school in achieving maximum agility, speed, and endurance.

Optimal sports performance requires coordinated movement in multiple directions, and we incorporate functional mobility to achieve neuro-muscular efficiency on all planes of movement to withstand the demands of athletic competition. With techniques that complement the body’s natural growth cycles, THP’s trainers use corrective exercise and mobility to increase performance and prevent injury in young athletes.

Personal Training that is Truly Personal

The Temple Human Performance’s youth training program aims to improve the athlete’s reaction speed, efficiency, and maneuvering abilities.

THP’s conditioning programs for young athletes emphasize:

  • movement
  • strength
  • balance
  • sport-specific skills training
  • high intensity intervals training (HIIT)
  • teamwork
  • nutritional education

Our trainers focus on long-term joint stability, core strength, and mobility and movement patterns to help our youth participants get stronger, leaner, and faster without compromising the natural structures of a developing body.

Your first session is free with any of our certified trainers. Call today. 865.288.4412

Training Packages

8 Sessions – $496

12 Sessions – $720

24 Sessions – $1,320

MAT Treatment & Training Packages

4 Treatment/Training Sessions & 8 additional training session – $1,260

2 Treatment/Training Sessions & 8 additional training sessions – $912

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Linda Lewis-Weissinger
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Christina Brannan

Best education ever! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to helping us learn, and for coming to Houston!

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Melinda Shier

Paul has worked wonders with my strength & flexibility despite my ongoing joint problems He has a very caring personality and his dedication to his field makes him excellent at what he does. I’ve worked with him for over 10 years now and feel wonderful!

Dustin Colquitt