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Created To Train All Levels Of Fitness Properly And Remove The Fear Of Pain From Movement, For Life!

what is physiokinetix?

PHYSIOKINETIX TRAINING | PKT  is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development by Paul Kelly, Founder, BS, LMT, CPT, MPKT.

This series of Restorative and Functional techniques are aimed at making your Mind and Body better able to align, balance, and re-educate the neuromuscular system to create long lasting, life changing effects.

This system caters to everyone from elderly with age related movement dysfunctions to Olympic athletes looking to rebuild and improve their performance, from the ground up.

For Clinicians, we have created an approach encapsulated by multiple modalities that bridges the gap between traditional manual therapy and personal training. By integrating the techniques in this program into your practice or daily life, you can help alleviate and correct many common neurologic and orthopedic dysfunctions while building strength, increasing control, and fine-tuning performance!

This system can help correct and prevent the following:

  • * Vestibular Dysfunctions
  • * Neck / Shoulder / Thoracic / Low Back Pain
  • * CORE Dysfunctions
  • * Sciatica
  • * Scoliosis
  • * and more!

Check out the 4 levels of Physiokinetix below!

Pain Management examples from our levels

Fine-Tuning Examples from our levels

“I can say with certainty that this program has helped me stay on the field and performing at a higher level.”

I have had the chance to see Paul for specialized treatment and training in the off seasons during my NFL career.
Thanks, Paul!
Britton Colquitt
NFL Superbowl Champion Punter
the four levels of self care

Level 1: Mobilty

Creating mobility will increase your desire to move better for life, which is why it is the first level of PhysioKinetix Training. Mobility, can be used as a warm up or a corrective strategy to your daily pain management routine. Each proceeding levels should always be used in conjuction with Level 1 techniques.

Level 2: stability

Everyone’s brain and body needs Stability to enjoy their everyday activities. Level 2 will help create global and intrinsic strength for our entire nervous and musculoskeletal systems. These techniques also help with chronic degenerative conditions, balance and motor coordination, and structural alignment, while creating Stability in all 3 planes of motion.

Level 3: power

In Level 3, we start to build power and endurance throughout our entire neuromuscular system, while simultaneously strengthening our weak neurologic cross-patterns. Power Training will burn fat, build muscle tone, increase your metabolic rate, and work on your overall cardio-respiratory fitness. The Ultimate goal of this level is to become powerful while still being pain free.

Level 4: performance

Level 4 is all about refinement and working on your inhibitory reflexes, motor balance, and further refining your neurologically weak cross patterns developed during improper, repetitive training. From competitive athletes, professionals, or performance based individuals, anyone can benefit from this restorative, functional movement science approach.

Our Complete System!

Our “Move For Life” Package is the best way to experience our wide collection of equipment and educational content from all 4 levels.

Use this progressively built system as your guide on your journey to managing pain and performing better than ever!

All The Equipment You Need!

Take your equipment with you no matter where or what the occasion!

Booklets, Calendars, & Online Video Access

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Utilizing our Products & Services

For Everyone!

For Practitioners!

PKT Total Endurance Training System


Including many varieties and weights of Resistance Bands, Handles, Straps, Mats, Pads + more to suit all styles and needs, at home, in the office, or on the go!


1 & 2 Day Workshops (In-Person & Virtual) located across the U.S.A. Learn directly from Paul Kelly, the latest science in the industry and the Physiokinetix techniques that he has created in order to get your clients pain free!


Access video streaming and web PDFs for each of our main 4 Levels from anywhere in the world!


These advanced courses build off of the corresponding techniques and workshops for each level in order to build more knowledge and understanding of the science behind why we practice what we preach.


At Temple HP, we practice what we preach; Educating & Motivating you to perform Physiokinetix with us and on your own! Enjoy a private atmosphere with our 1 on 1 therapy & personal training sessions, or bring friends to create custom group sessions and classes.


As an education center, we pride ourselves on our premiere educational content, workshops, homestudy courses, and tests. You and your clients can be certain of your expertise when you become certified in any of our Levels.


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We offer 'Drop Ship' & 'Wholesale' programs
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These one-on-one or group mentorships involve
joining Paul in TN for hands on training.
This program can be tailored to manual therapy,
personal training, and can include CEs from
some of our affiliated boards.

workshop Affiliates

Note: 1 Course Hour with NCBTMB & AFFA is worth 1 CEs; 1 Course Hour with ACE & NASM is worth .1 CEs