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Why Become Certified?

Become The Go To Specialist

A Multi-modality, easily incorporated into any practice to become the go to therapist or trainer in the area. Study clients of different varieties and dysfunctions, providing you even more opportunity to learn and advance your knowledge. By keeping knowledge current and unique, clients will keep coming back to you!

Easily Create Plans

Having a plan for managing pain effectively for your clients can separate you from the pack. Utilizing our researched, clinical approach to pain management is easy and informative.

Have all of the knowledge and tools on hand to provide to clients after the very first session!
Give them a plan for longevity!

Be Able To Explain Pain

Paul’s easy to understand approach to finding the cause through assessment will give you the confidence and ability to treat complex conditions that often get overlooked in traditional therapies.

By getting certified, clients will know that you have the ability to properly assess and provide them the information they need.

Be Listed On Our Website As A PKT Certified Practitioner

When you become certified in any level of PKT you receive a premium listing on our website. Allowing people looking for pain or performance training around the country to find you. Running our own therapy office, we get clients from all around the world asking for help!

Receive Discounts Towards Education In The Field

The farther you progress towards mastery the deeper discounts we award you towards your continued education in the field through Workshops, Events, Mentorships, and Live-Streams.

Combining "Treatment & Training"

Each PHYSIOKINETIX course will help you properly Evaluate, Treat, and Manage your clients Neurologic dysfunctions, chronic pain issues, compensatory strain patterns, and more through the combination of Manual therapy, Movement Science, and Increased Involvement from you and your clients!

Join Paul at one of his Advanced, Integrative Manual and Movement therapy courses to start “Bridging The Gap” of traditional therapy modalities!




Advanced Orthopedic and Kinematic Assessments

In this 1 day course, cover extensive client history, observation, gait analysis, movement dysfunction testing, and specific joint and neurologic tests. This course takes practitioners through in depth knowledge on how to understand pain and joint sciences and causation of movement dysfunctions.

New Prerequisite: Assessments 101 (Online Course Coming 2024)

Table Neuro Training (TNT)

(Broken up into two 1-day courses: Level 1: Mobility & Level 2: Stability)

Bridging manual therapy, neuroscience, and exercise science on and off the table for transference and self-efficacy. These integrated techniques create neuroplasticity as they regenerate the soft tissues and mediate pain.

This 2 Day Pain Management course parallels and complements the movement science techniques in Level 1: Mobility and Level 2: Stability of our PHYSIOKINETIX self care program.

Treating “The 5 Key Links” of the Musculoskeletal System ( Part 1 )

In this 2 day course, learn to assess and bring awareness to our clients on movement dysfunctions at the 5 kinetic links of the musculoskeletal system. Treat and retrain the inhibitory patterns we see due to joint dysfunction or neurologic interruptions for transference and active daily lifestyles (ADLs).

Treating “The 5 Key Links” of the Musculoskeletal System ( Part 2 )

Part 2 builds on the foundations from Part 1. Dive deeper into assessing and addressing movement dysfunctions across the musculoskeletal system’s 5 key links. Explore advanced techniques to treat inhibitory patterns arising from joint issues or neurological interruptions, ultimately empowering clients to excel in their daily lives. Join us for an enriching 2-day journey to elevate your expertise in optimizing human performance.

New course coming in 2024!

Manual Treatment and Kinematics of the Spine For Longevity

In this 2 day course, learn to understand the biomechanics of the joints of the upper cervical, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacrum. Learn to properly assess and treat all types of pathological conditions of the spine, including functional and structural scoliosis, on and off the table.

Newly Updated to a 2 day course for 2023!


Requirements For

Attend 1 corresponding In-Person Workshop
Attend 1 corresponding In-Person Workshop, 1 Live Stream Workshop, or take the Home Study Course
Pass the corresponding Certification Test

Requirements For

Become Certified In Each Course
TA w/ Paul in each Course
Pass The Master Live Practicum

MPKTs have a Premium Listing on our website, giving clients around the world who are looking for pain management therapy the ability to find you locally for PhysioKinetix services. You also receive deeper discounts toward all future continued education through us.

Requirements For

Become Certified in the Course you want to Teach
Perform a Live Interview w/ Paul

Teach PKT Workshops around the world. This is the pinnacle of PKT and is a track for professional therapists to become teachers through our umbrella with the boards we are approved through. You will receive support from us in the form of supplies, logistics, and attendance gathering.



Every 2 years after certification, we require you retake the workshop for the course that you are certified in.
This can be taken in-person or virtually.

PhysioKinetix courses are always being updated before each new workshop.
Therefore, we believe that all therapists should keep up to date on their education in order to provide the best services possible to their clients!
By incorporating this renewal requirement, we are able to have only the most dedicated therapists certified in our program.

workshop Affiliates

Note: 1 Course Hour with NCBTMB & AFFA is worth 1 CEs; 1 Course Hour with ACE & NASM is worth .1 CEs

Board approval dependent on course being taught.