Workshops with Paul Kelly


Paul Kelly is a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) and senior instructor for the Freedom from Pain Institute. He holds an exercise science degree from the University of Tennessee and a LMT from the C.O.R.E Institute. Paul has been mentoring and teaching with Erik Dalton for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of knowledge to his dynamic hands-on MAT workshops. Paul has an international reputation for treating injuries and restoring function to business professionals, celebrities, iron-man athletes, PGA professionals, and NFL athletes. Join him this year at one of the 2-day MAT workshops listed on this page.

This year, Paul is introducing his innovative brain and performance based Physiokinetix training (PKT) at a few select workshops. Become the go-to therapist in your community by incorporating Myoskeletal Therapy with this new training approach. Check out the workshop list to see if the 1-day PKT lesson is being offered.

Myoskeletal Workshops

Therapists from all over the world come to train with Paul Kelly to incorporate Mysoskeletal Alignment Therapy into their massage therapy programs. These intense two-day workshops focus on teaching hands-on techniques that enhance the ability to assess and treat patients.

The workshop curriculum expounds on Erik Dalton’s revolutionary techniques for treating conditions such as:

  • whiplash
  • torticollis
  • disc and nerve pathologies
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • scoliosis
  • pelvis and sacral torsions
  • ITB friction syndrome
  • patellofemoral pain
  • foot/ankle dysfunction
Physiokinetix Training Workshops

Paul Kelly’s Physiokinetix Training (PKT) is a series of specific, functional, corrective exercises designed to compliment and enhance the techniques you learn with Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT). By combining these two systems, massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors are better able to align, balance and neurologically re-educate the neuromyoskeletal system to create long lasting, life changing effects.

From competitive athletes to the elderly, this brain-body approach enables you to teach your clients cutting-edge home, retraining, progressive exercise routines to help restore function in those suffering from conditions such as degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, chronic sports injuries, and sensory motor amnesia. By working with the body’s innate equilibrium/reflexes, PKT reduces pain and enhances athletic performance by restoring lost mobility, stability, balance, and strength.

The PKT step-by-step progressive approach stimulates the body’s natural healing processes by reducing systemic inflammation, increasing hyaluronic acid production, improving joint mobility and stability, increasing resting metabolic rate, improving insulin resistance, and enhancing cardiorespiratory fitness.

Learn to quickly identify and correct neurologically weak strain patterns, which are contributing to your client’s neurophysiologic deterioration. The PKT goal is to elevate your clients from a primal state of movement to a performance-based model regardless of age or physical condition. Be the go-to therapist in your community by incorporating Myoskeletal Therapy with Paul Kelly’s innovative brain and performance based Physiokinetix Training.

Enhance you hands-on treatments with these cutting-edge exercises and receive a certificate for one of the 4 levels of PKT. Upon successful completion, you’ll understand the basics of PKT including assessments, mobility exercises, strength modifiers….and more!

“Exercise should be fun and painless. This progressive ‘Treatment & Training’ program will take you from pain to performance.”
– Paul Kelly

2019 Myoskeletal & PhysioKinetix Workshops

EXPERIENCE PAUL KELLY LIVE: click below to register for internationally renowned Myoskeletal Workshops!

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Houston, TX | March 16-17 | MAT 16 CEs

Kansas City, MO May 4-5 | MAT 16 CEs

*West Palm Beach, FL | July 27-29 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

Asheville, NC September 14-15 | MAT 16 CEs

*San Diego, CA October 26-28 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*Boston, MA November 23-25 | MAT 16 CEs | PKT 8 CEs

*1 day PKT workshop available