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Certified PhysioKinetix Therapists Of Texas

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Dawn Sheppard, PKT1


Dawn is the first therapist in Texas to become Physiokinetix: Mobility Certified!

A Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas with a specialty diploma in Master Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. She has additional training in Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Orthopedic Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Pre-Natal massage.

Dawn enjoys making people feel better and helping people take care of their bodies. Dawn looks forward to furthering her career in massage modalities that can assist the sick and help improve anybodies quality of life.

Now excited to bring the addition of PKT1 (Mobility) to her practice, Dawn now has the ability to further pain improvement and quality of life for all clients through neuromuscular re-education in and out of gravity.

Contact Dawn to learn how to kick your pain in the brain and move for life with her!

Myothers Massage LLC
1201 North Watson Road (Suite 290)
Arlington, TX 76006

Clinton Merrifield, PKT1

Certified Strength Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

The three most important words in Clinton’s Better Body Dynamics business are “educate, educate, educate.” For every session, Clinton’s priority is educating clients about enhancing and training towards pain-free movement. 

As testimony to his manual therapy credentials, Clinton studied under Erik Dalton, PhD., a pioneer in bodywork and a leading proponent of the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Further, Clinton mentored with Paul Kelly, founder of The Temple/Human Performance center.
Also, Clinton is an avid supporter and student of Gray Cook, the founder of Functional Movement systems, and as such Clinton promotes the concept of movement pattern screening and assessment.


12915 Jones Maltsburger #600

San Antonio TX 78247



Aqua Webb, PKT1


My journey in the pain management massage field began when I graduated from massage therapy school in 2009.  I quickly discovered that my basic skills in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage were not resolving my clients long-term pain issues.   

I’ve always been a problem solver, so I looked for ways to enhance my skill set in an effort to help my clients better manage their pain.  My journey started with a Neuromuscular Therapy Certification in 2012-2013, followed by Myoskeletal Alignment training in 2016-2017. These classes in advanced massage treatments allowed me to understand and work on complex problems with my clients, but I still felt there was an element missing.

I was consistently frustrated by the cycle of pain recurrence that tends to keep a client forever bound to a therapy table in order to find relief.  This same frustration eventually helped me discover the PhysioKinetix program.  The skills I’ve learned through my PKT Mobility Certification have opened the door to address not just immediate concerns on the table, but have also provided a path to partner with my client and resolve the dysfunction, even after they leave my office.  PKT is the long term solution to my clients chronic and degenerative cycle of pain.  This is a game changer in terms of how their treatment progresses. With PKT, my modalities have been upgraded with an active use element that doesn’t just extend the time clients feel better, but also adds a preventative side to the therapy.

I’ve found that PhysioKinetix empowers my clients and gives them hope for a pain-free and fully mobile lifestyle. The movements I introduce are easy to learn, provide immediate relief, and are an active way to participate in client after-care once they leave the office. It’s incredibly easy to introduce this system to my clientele. From my advanced athletes all the way to my unstable grandparents, all can benefit from PKT.

Everyone needs this work, even myself. Since beginning the Mobility program for personal use, my need to have a massage every two weeks for self-care is gone. All my nagging pain areas that have been with me for 20+ years are gone. I’m strengthening my chronically weak areas, and it’s helping me isolate and address imbalances I didn’t even know about.

PhysioKinetix has revolutionized my massage business more than any other modality I’ve studied. I’m thrilled to use this program to create lasting change in my clients and myself, and I will be continuing the series of study to become a Master PhysioKinetix Therapist.


Frisco Massage Therapy

4645 Wyndham Ln Suite 170A Frisco, TX 75033