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This is a preorder for the release of our upcoming Homestudy course for Level 2. We recommend taking the Homestudy course for Level 1 before starting this course.

Estimated date of release: August 31st (subject to change)

Overview of PhysioKinetix Training: PhysioKinetix is a multi-modality approach to Manual Therapy and Movement Science, combining both areas of expertise into one complete “Treatment & Training” approach. This second training course in our series will build on Level 1 to complete our ‘Pain Management’ program.

PhysioKinetix uses a Treatment & Training method (utilizing Manual Therapy and movement science on and off the table). This method is designed to combat chronic pain and Movement related dysfunctions, by properly aligning their weak strain muscle patterns in all planes of motion. Everything you are about to learn in this course will strictly utilize your bodies natural movements and no use of heavy weights or machines. After completion of each module you will find the Corrective Techniques, Graded Exposure Movements, and Neuro-Strengthening Modifiers that will help you improve a different aspect of your overall movement goals. By training both the brain and the body together at the same time, we are able to start developing proper cross-patterning, allowing us to live a high functioning life and do more activities without the need for excessive “recoup” time.

If you are a therapist that works with many different types of chronic pain and movement related dysfunctions and want to have specific plans of action for each assessment, this course is for you. If you tend to struggle with a tight neck, back, or chest due to 8+hrs of flexion dominant work a day, and want to learn why you are in constant pain, this course is for you. If you are a professional athlete, or high level hobbyist that needs to get the most out of your body, and also needs to spend less time in those “fix” stages during training, this course is for you.