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Table Neuro Training (TNT): Mobility & Stability

Bridging manual therapy, neuroscience, and exercise science on and off the table for transference and self-efficacy. These integrated techniques create neuroplasticity as they regenerate the soft tissues and mediate pain.

Achievable Goals: 

  • • Practitioners can identify weak patterns in the neuromuscular system
  • • Practitioners can assess pain, neurogenic or orthopedic.
  • • Practitioners can restore joint range of motion.
  • • Practitioners can identify 5 common kinetic chain movement dysfunctions.

Learning Objectives: 

  • • Latest Research on pain, motor control, and longevity
  • • Understand the effects that deconditioning can have on the whole locomotor system.
  • • Learn effective active mobilizations to remove restrictions in joints for articular health.
  • • Neuro-RE-EDUCATION on and off the table for Stability and Pain Management.
  • • Understand how to effectively develop a Clinical framework for Treatment and Transference  
  • • Improve your Business and client outcomes by incorporating the PKT Bands and training program with your evidence based practice


Essential knowledge:

  • • Pain Science Research on using movement for mediation of pain.
  • • Bone and soft tissue remodeling using eccentric and concentric loading.
  • • Creating neurochemistry for neuroplasticity and learning motor control skills
  • • Wolff’s Law
  • • Principles of exercise to decrease all cause morbidity and mortality.

Medial knowledge:

  • • Anatomy and physiology of the body.
  • • Movement dysfunction.
  • • Pathological changes to the articular systems.

Additional knowledge:

  • • Orthopedic physical assessment protocols
  • • Somatosensory and central nervous system function.
  • • General business operations and management.

Paul’s Multidisciplinary Approach to treatments and training will allow you to be the Go To Manual and Movement Specialist.


  • lifetime access to the 2 day recording of this 2022 workshop.
  • lifetime access to the techniques booklet (viewable but not downloadable)

(Not currently for CEs)