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PHYSIOKINETIX MANUAL THERAPY – “Treating the 5 Key Links” of the Musculoskeletal System

Assess and bring awareness to our clients on movement dysfunctions at the 5 kinetic links of the musculoskeletal system. Treat and retrain the inhibitory patterns we see due to joint dysfunction or neurologic interruptions for transference and active daily lifestyles (ADLs).

Achievable Goals: 

  • • Assess and treat the 5 key links of the musculoskeletal system.
  • • Recognize neurogenic pain vs joint dysfunction.
  • • Understand the basic principles of movement
  • • Conceptualize a client transference program using PKT

Learning Objectives: 

  • • Define: Evidence informed (based) Practice and what research says about Pain Management and Manual therapy.
  • • Assess the 5 key links and understand why they matter.
  • • Release: Look at how to incorporate Manual Mobilization Treatments of the 5 key links on and off the therapy table
  • • Reeducate: On the therapy table, (Table Neuro Training – TNT), using PKT system to re-establish Motor Control, Neuromuscular Endurance, and Robustness
  • • Motivate/Movement Plan: Understand how to create a Pain Management, (PM), and Performance Plan, (PP), using PKT Mobility, Stability, Power, and Performance techniques to create an Active Daily Lifestyle for your clients success.


Essential knowledge:

  • • Wolff’s Law
  • • Principles of motor control and motor learning
  • • Applied kinesiology theory and applications
  • • Pathophysiology of the articular systems
  • • Bio-psycho-social-cultural pain model

Medial knowledge:

  • • Joint types and kinematic movement
  • • Anatomy and physiology
  • • Neuroanatomy and pathology
  • • Exercise science foundations
  • • Pain science concepts

Additional knowledge:

  • • Neogenesis and cardiovascular benefits of exercise
  • • Pain management concepts with movement
  • • Mindset and motivation for attainable goal setting

Paul’s Multidisciplinary Approach to treatments and training will allow you to be the Go To Manual and Movement Specialist.


  • lifetime access to the 2 day recording of this 2022 workshop.
  • lifetime access to the techniques booklet (viewable but not downloadable)

(Not currently for CEs)