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Audrey Arbuckle

Audrey is the first certified Physiokinetix Level 1 therapist in the state of Indiana!

She is an Alumna of Cortiva Institute Chicago School of Massage Therapy, which was in downtown Chicago.  She holds certifications as a Dalton Master Myoskeletal therapist, Body Tempering Level 1, Graston, Cupping, and is certified as a Pediatric and Infant massage therapist and has her Personal Training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

In 2002 she sustained a neck pathology that had allowed her to see firsthand the benefits of both manual and Chiropractic therapy.   In 2005 Audrey was inspired by someone she respected who was in the field of massage therapy.  His positive impact helped motivate her into changing her career from Cosmetology to that of Massage Therapy.  She graduated in 2007 and relocated to Fishers, IN in 2009.  She opened Integrative Massage Therapy within Fall Creek Chiropractic in Fishers, Indiana in September of 2010.

Audrey has taken several continuing educational seminars throughout her many years of practice.  Ranging from Orthopedic, Sports, Craniosacral, Craniosacral fascial and Clinical.  In 2020, Audrey was first introduced to Paul Kelly’s work while she was working towards her diploma in Dalton Myoskeletal.  Paul’s contribution towards the Corrective Exercise portion of Dalton’s Myoskeletal program helped her realize that exercise science and movement therapy was the governing factor in the healing and recovery for the client.  This realization had led her to pursue getting certified in personal training.

Paul’s work as a teacher and mentor has been inspiring practitioners in fields ranging from Personal Training, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage and Manual Therapy. Motivating both the therapist and client to move for better health and longevity.  His programs are evidence based, non-threatening for the clients to implement and allow for treatment to be both on and off the therapy table.  Pain prevention and early recognition of common strain patterns before they become pain patterns is Audrey’s goal.

Through structural assessment, customizing therapy sessions, and active participation from the client, goals can be achieved.  Audrey has had experience in both clinical and spa settings within her career.  She has mastered the ability to fuse both elements into her therapy sessions.  Audrey has a philanthropic heart, that she brings to the table.  When she is not busy making people feel better, she spends her free time at the gym, studying or with her husband outside in nature.


11650 Olio Rd. Ste 100
Fishers, IN 46037