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Beginner level Workshop

Any one welcome! Come & learn these 24 Movements choreographed by Qigong & Tai Chi Masters and Drs. Of Chinese Medicine to promote self-healing, health, longevity, and better quality of life.

CEUs Physical Therapist – (TN 13.5 hrs. & NC 9.5 hrs.). Approved

24 Postures Therapeutic Qigong

The Therapeutic Qigong system began as 20 postures designed by Dr. Zi-Ping Wang and systemized in 1958 by Dr. Wu Ching-De. The
system, also known as Chinese Yoga, is based on ancient Qigong exercises and incorporates clinical experiences from Dr’s. Zi-Ping and Wu. The movements are time proven and have been used as treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries.

The original design of the 20 postures was modified by Grand Master Helen Wu, Dr. Wu’s daughter and Dr. Zi-Ping’s granddaughter by
adding 4 additional moves for the current system of 24 postures. The system has benefited thousands of practitioners in more than 6 decades since it was introduced.

The focus of the postures follows the human spine, the nervous system, through the neck, shoulders, back, lower limbs, & feet.

Common Benefits of Regular Practice:

• Assist with rehabilitation for chronic conditions such as: cancer recovery, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s issues, and regulates normal body functions.
• Improved health and flexibility
• Relief of neck, back, shoulder, hip, and/or knee pain
• Reduces chronic inflammation
• Control emotions, reduces stress & tension, and boosts immune system

More Info

24 Postures = Functional movements
Therapeutic = Good for ya’
Qigong (say it – Chee Gong)
Qi = breath, energy, life force
Gong = effort, work, achievement
Qigong = energy work for your body

This workshop teaches ancient Chinese qigong practices using the breath, posture, movement, relaxation, concentration, & visualization.

Information for Signing Up


Basic workshop: $300 USD

Basic workshop: w/CEUs: $375 USD

$50 OFF for Temple Clients !!


Registration Fee includes 2-day personal
instructions & feedback, 24 Postures
Therapeutic Qigong Instructions e-book*,
access to on-line self-paced instructional study
course*(like a DVD), lite snacks & water (live
classroom), completion certificate, and CEU
certificate if applicable. (*details for additional
training material sent after registration &
Instructors: Bill & Linda Pickett

About The Instructors

Bill and Linda Pickett were first trained in Therapeutic Qigong by Master Helen Wu in 2009 and later in 2012 by Master Wen-Ching
Wu and have continued studying these forms in more detail with Sifu George Picard in Canada. Bill is a Level III Instructor Trainer for 24 Postures representing The Village of Healing and Wellness.

He is also a Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) Master Trainer from Knoxville TN, personally trained by Dr. Paul Lam to conduct instructor
qualification workshops for the TCHI.

Linda, a Senior Trainer in the TCHI programs, has been doing Tai Chi since 1990 and has been teaching since 2000. She also trained by Dr.
Lam, as an instructor for TCHI workshops.

Bill and Linda are members of and regular presenters for the Complementary Health Education Organization (CHEO) and members on the State of TN Falls Prevention Collation.


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Should You Come?

Anyone is welcome! It’s easier than Tai Chi.
No prior experience is required. At the end of the workshop beginners will have enough information and reference material to continue
this practice. Experienced practitioners will gain more depth, knowledge, understanding, and feel of the moves. This is an enjoyable
practice and provides a lifelong tool for practicing this Qigong set of moves.

This Workshop is designed for:
• Any person interested in learning a Chinese approach to an exercise system for the whole body – head to toes – heal from the inside to
• Anyone interested in Qigong or Tai Chi – teachers, players, students, caregivers, etc.

And also:
• Physical/Occupational Therapist (CEUs)
• Exercise instructors
• Manual movement therapists
• Sports medicine professionals
• Nurses and other health care professionals
• 24 Posture Qigong Instructor Certification

Many published medical research studies show the practice of tai chi and qigong has excellent health benefits and minimal risk of injury. Ask
your doctor – many are recommending these programs to their patients.

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