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Look Out For A Gold Ball In Your Goodie Bag!​

Everyone will be receiving a Yellow or Green Ball, but if you receive a Gold ball, bring it to our booth in the Vendor Hall to exchange it for one of these possible prizes:

  1. T-shirt | Yoga Mat | Carabiner | Neuro-Band | Mobility Loop Band | Mobility Knee Band

  2. T-shirt | Yoga Mat | Carabiner | Neuro-Band | Mobility Loop Band

  3. T-shirt | Yoga Mat | Carabiner | Neuro-Band

  4. T-shirt | Yoga Mat

  5. T-shirt

If you didn’t get a Gold Ball, don’t worry, everyone can enter in below for a chance at our Grand Prize!

self care & integrated manual therapy

PHYSIOKINETIX TRAINING | PKT  is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development by Paul Kelly, BS, LMT, CPT, MPKT, MMT.

As self care, it’s made for everyone:

This series of Restorative and Functional movement therapy techniques are aimed at making your Mind and Body better able to align, balance, and re-educate the neuromuscular system to create long lasting, life changing effects.

This system caters to everyone from elderly with age related movement dysfunctions to Olympic athletes looking to rebuild and improve their performance, from the ground up.

As continued education, it’s made for clinicians:

We have created an approach encapsulated by multiple modalities that bridges the gap between traditional massage therapy, advanced manual therapies, and personal training. By integrating the techniques in this program into your practice or daily life, you can help alleviate and correct many common neurologic and orthopedic dysfunctions while building strength, increasing control, and fine-tuning performance!

Pain Management & Fine-Tuning Examples from our self care levels

Integrated Manual Therapy from our continued education workshops

Link to download page: