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This Test is designed to complete your Level 1- PhysioKinetix Mobility Certification. You will utilize this exam to prove your proficiency in Level 1-Mobility Techniques, Graded Exposure Movement, Neuro Modifiers, and Overall Mobility Education.


(1) Live, In-Person Level 1 Mobility Workshop

(1) Choice of: Live, In-Person Level 1 Mobility Workshop, Livestreamed Level 1 Mobility Workshop, or Passed Level 1 Mobility Homestudy

The contents of this exam will focus heavily on the material covered in the Live Mobility Workshop and may reference the Level 1 Mobility Manual and Level 1 Mobility Homestudy topics.  Hopefully you took notes at the live workshop that you can drawback on as well if you get stuck. We have included the Level 1- Mobility powerpoint in the resources section of this exam for you to refer back to and recreate notes as well if necessary.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Remember- To Keep “Moving For Life”

– Paul Kelly

Mobility powerpoint located in the lessons >