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The second event in a series of workshops focused on a single region of the body. 

Oftentimes, workshops go over so many different topics and techniques that we leave feeling overwhelmed. That’s why Diane Matkowski & Rebel Massage created the Jam series; they wanted to keep these workshops hyper-focused so that you leave feeling empowered and inspired. They gathered an all-star cast of industry leaders to facilitate these workshops TOGETHER. Here you will find Paul Kelly’s portion taught during that event.

Paul’s session: Kickin It! : Clinical Hip Assessment, Treatment, & Table Neuro Training (TNT)

Join Paul as he explores the most common dysfunctions of the Hip complex; including osteoarthritis (OA), femoral acetabular impingement (FIA), labral tears, and other open and closed kinetic chain dysfunctions that the hip is involved in. Paul’s talks about his experience and knowledge gained from not only working through his own sports related hip pathology but with top NFL kickers over the past 30 years and will go in depth on how to assess, treat, and neurologically retrain motor imbalance, whether your dealing with athletes, geriatrics, or kids. During this live demonstration, Paul will show you an easy to understand approach to treating and training the hip, on and off the therapy table using manual therapy and movement science techniques while giving you the game plan and mindset to optimize the hips health.

Find out if another Jam is happening soon at Templehp.com/workshops